See where construction was hot in Q2 2019.

Curate mines hundreds of thousands of minutes and agendas documents posted each week across the Midwest by municipalities such as local plan commissions or city councils.

Gathering this micro-focused data over time, we're able to track the big picture of construction activity across an entire state.

Whether it was land getting rezoned for new use, such as Agriculture to Manufacturing, or a certified survey map to combine a few parcels of land, here is where construction was hot in Q2 throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Chicagoland.

Building X Q2 2019

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Each state includes five heat maps showing where construction was hot in Q2 for:

1 ) Private construction (All the below, excluding K-12)

2 ) Commercial construction (Entertainment, health care, hotel, non-profit, office, restaurant, retail, vague, worship)

3 ) Housing construction (Multi-family, multi-use, senior living)

4 ) Industrial + manufacturing construction

5 ) Education construction (Higher ed, K-12, private school)