Comprehensive Guide to Effective Local Government Monitoring

When a small city or town makes a change to its licensing process for animal groomers, its effect is pretty small and isn't cause for much alarm. 

But when your organization or members operate across multiple cities, counties, or states, there can be dozens or hundreds of changes that can have major impacts on your businesses.

If you miss new or updated policies—even small ones—it could mean:

  • Fines and fees for noncompliance
  • Lost revenue
  • Forced changes to your operations

Businesses across a wide range of industries recognize the local political environment represents a significant risk to their operations—and they need to take action by building a robust local government monitoring process.

By tracking and engaging with local government discussions, organizations can be proactive and give themselves an opportunity to present their perspective before any new ordinances could cost you years of progress.

Download your copy of the guide to learn how to become connected, informed, and confident you're ahead of local government.

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