Local Government Monitoring at Scale

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Local politics has a huge influence on almost every business sector. Municipal governments set laws concerning tax rates, fees, parking, wages, single-use plastic, animal welfare, signage, disposal of waste, building safety—and on and on.

And yet, so many businesses operate in complete darkness about the local policy environment because they find it impossible to keep up.

Curate enables government affairs teams to monitor and influence local government policy at scale.

Bringing efficiency to local government advocacy

Public affairs teams and government affairs directors have relied on legislative and regulatory tracking software to keep track of their advocacy priorities at the state and federal level for years.


Curate brings that same automation and efficiency to the local government level.

Curate combines the power of machine learning with the most comprehensive and up-to-date database of local government documents in the country. Curate’s AI searches thousands of government websites to identify relevant mentions of any topic of interest as soon as new documents are posted online.

How It Works



Curate scans the agendas and minutes from local government meetings in 11,000+ cities and counties around the U.S.



Machine learning algorithms identify relevant mentions of your advocacy topics in local government discussions and send you alerts.



All relevant mentions show up in your customized dashboard in real time.



You never miss another proposed ordinance, tax hike, fee change, or opportunity in local government.

Case Study: Michigan Realtors

15 short-term rental ordinances identified at the proposal stage


“This past year, Michigan REALTORS® used Curate to identify over 15 (and growing) short-term rental ordinance proposals around the state....In every instance, the association and its local counterparts were able to engage in the conversation in a meaningful way, instead of playing defense on ordinances that have already been passed or nearly finalized.”

5 Reasons Every Business Should Track Local Government Discussions-2

5 Reasons Every Business Should Track Local Government Discussions

Businesses that make a habit of tracking key issues within local government discussions protect themselves from unwelcome surprises like sudden fee increases or new laws restricting their operations, and they beat their competition to finding new business opportunities.


Civic Intelligence for Business 101: Why businesses should monitor local policy change

Get early warnings about local proposals that could affect your business model or impact your bottom line.

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Local Legislative Tracking Software Buying Guide

Choose the right software to streamline your local government tracking so you never miss an issue that will impact your business. 

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Stay in the know about local government legislation and regulation.